Washing Dishes is Oddly Calming
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Sponge, washing up liquid, plate, water, place. Repeat. Water flowing, food going. Dirt disappearing - it's clean, place down. Pickup another. Perhaps a fork this time, what about a spoon? Quite like a spoon. Let's wash that next. But oh no. You just pulled out a plate which was hiding a nasty, greasy bowl underneath it. Don't really want to wash that... let's just leave it to last...
I would of never imagined myself saying washing dishes is oddly calming. But yet, here I am, returning from a nice wash and feeling quite relaxed. I find it an odd thing to say, but when I googled it I was surprised to see similar results and an actual study¹ on the topic! From what I've read and my personal experience of washing dishes I would definitely agree it puts you in a more calming, mindful state.
However, the study suggests that you have to purposefully be aware of the fact you're washing dishes and not get distracted while doing so, which basically just means focusing on your breath and actually being aware of the dishes being washed, which again, can just be applied to any task you do. So does washing the dishes really make you feel more relaxed? Well, yes, but no. I guess you make it relaxing if you want it to be relaxing, if you pay attention to the washing, to the water flowing, to the scrubbing and the satisfaction of your clean plates stacking up nicely.
Note: Our dishwasher broke.
Published on 26th of August 2020

Written by Alexandar Gyurov

London, GB